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Tangerine Tycoon

Tangerine Tycoon is a realistic tangerine economy simulator. Get your hands on quadrillions of tangerines by harvesting, gambling or trading them on the stock market. Most likely a combination of all 3. They say money is the root of all evil but surely tangerines can't do any harm. Will you fulfil your destiny and become a tangerine octodecillionaire? Harvest, gamble, speed run and play the stock market in this juiced up idle game! Can a tangerine grow a moustache? What would you do to a cat for tangerines? Answer these questions and more in Tangerine Tycoon. Tip: Use the arrow keys to quickly move from screen to screen.

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Latest Version: 1.25

Check the subreddit for the latest changelog!

Beta 1.5 Changes:

-You can move the screen via the keyboard arrow keys (suggested by multiple players)
-Added Speedrun system
-Added Prestige System
-Added Perks System
-Added Offline Gains (perk required)
-Added lots of gambling stats
-Progress now saved immediately after gambling to prevent cheating (thanks greywalker)
-Tinted/hidden unbought buildings
-New favicon with hat and monacle
-Added "corner mascots"
-Displaying Human Spawn/Death Rate Stats
-Perks hidden until multiverse breach
-Added Offline Gains Toggle Button
-TpS increases for each Universe
-Added reward for kindness to cats (???)
-Added new mascot outfit items
-Added super cool prestige animation
-Added preloader
+ many more improvements

Beta 1.1 Changes:

-Added buy 10, 100 & 1000 (suggested by mutiple players)
->Mouse over the little question mark in the bottom left hand corner for info
-Fixed visualisation screen bug (reported by Slayeroftacos)

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Beta 1.0 Changes:

-Choice of different notation styles for large numbers (11 choices!)(suggested by Grettyboy1207)
-New Stock Market Algorthm (to stop DaveTime making 1x10^100 tangerines quite so fast next time)
-Added "Purchase Volume" option to Stock Market (suggested by 1234abcdcba4321)
-New artwork
-Mascot becomes more interesting as you progress
-Background changes when things get bad
-Over 20 achievements added
-Achievement popups added
-Achievements now increase your TpS
-Faster screen transitions
-Fixed some achievements not reporting correctly
-New TpS rates for almost all buildings
-Mutants kill people slower
-Mutants generate more (normal) tangerines
-Mutant spawn & death stats added
-Fixed gathered tangerine count
-Buildings hidden until you have bought the previous one
-Adventure continues button hidden
-Added site favicon
-Various other bug fixes and improvements

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